Department of selection, genetics and ampelography
National Scientific Centre «V.Ye. Tairov Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking» NAAS of Ukraine
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Main research areas:

NSC “Tairov IVW” is the leading scientific institution for the creation of new varieties of various the direction of use and the only one institution in Ukraine engaged in clonal selection of grapes.The modern program of research “Ecological grapes” is based on the results of the previous ones selection “Resistance” and “Resistance plus Quality”. The main task is to replenish modern grape gene pool with autochthonous and allochton varieties for regional enrichment assortment, creation of a basis for adaptive viticulture of Ukraine and creation of a stable raw material base for Ukrainian winemaking.

Modern directions of activity:

  • formation and improvement of assortment, replenishment and preservation of genetic resources of Ukrainian grapes of introduced and local varieties ;
  • creation of wine grapes – analogues of the best classical wine varieties with high adaptability to conditions of cultivation;
  • creating of wine grape varieties with exclusive taste and aromatic characteristics to produce high quality local wines;
  • creation the varieties of genetically based agronomic characteristics suitable for the production of environmentally safe products;
  • creation of table grapes varieties with different terms of ripening for the improvement and expansion of the table grapes conveyor and provide customer within 4-6 months with fresh locally produced grape;
  • creation of seedless varieties with high stable characters of adaptivity and productivity;
  • selection the donors and sources of valuable features that will be used in further selection;
  • study the adaptive and economic potential of the best introduced varieties for inclusion in the regional assortments;
  • saving and improving the gene pool of classic wine grape varieties and improving their agronomic signs by individual clonal selection;
  • selecting and propagation of high yield and high quality clones free from viral and bacterial infections;
  • production the local grape planting material of biological categories;
  • establishment of vineyards with certified grafted planting material which ensures high survival rate of seedlings, equality of plants in the strength of growth and development, entry into fruiting, productivity and longevity of plantations.

Main achievements:

  • the institute has more than 130 varieties of grapes with different economic and technological characteristics;
  • the Register of Ukraine Plant Varieties introduced 36 selection varieties of Institute, applications for three table varieties, two wine varieties and two clones of Berlandieri x Riparia Kober 5BB filed in 2018;
  • based on table varieties scientifically based concept of measures to create a conveyor of cultivation and consumption of fresh grapes to expand the production and sales period of local product has been developed ;
  • from the wine grape varieties of new breeding
  • generation high-quality, exclusive flavour wine are produced
  • ampelography Institute collection includes more than 700 varieties of different genetic and geographical origin;
  • “Ampelographic Atlas of Grapes varieties and selections breeded by NSC “Tairov IVW” has been published;
  • 112 clones of 52 varieties for breeding with complex of signs such as productivity, product quality, bushes uniformity has been selected;
  • 93 ha of basic and certified mother plantation of wine, table varieties and rootstock in nurseries of Ukraine has beenestablished;
  • clones were sanitary controlled in accordance with the requirements of current legislation of the European Union countries and recommended for propagation on a certified basis;
  • repository of clones in the greenhouse complex of the institute and basic mother plantations in the leading nurseries have been established;
  • standard of Ukraine 4390: 2005 “Grapevine grafted plants and cuttings” has been elaborated;
  • «Instructions for testing of mother plantation and planting material of grapes”has been elaborated;
  • «Technology of grape planting material of biological categories» has been elaborated;
  • project “Program of production the certified planting material of grapes until 2025 year” has been elaborated.

Offers to production:

  • recommendations and selection of grape assortment to establish vineyards of wine, table varieties and rootstock in different forms of vineyards ownership;
  • selection the varieties according to terms of ripening to create a conveyor of fresh grape production and consumption;
  • consulting on production technology of grape certified planting material;
  • recommendations and help to amateurs breeders from grape selection technology, comprehensive evaluation the getting selections and documentation for submission to the State service for the protection of plant varieties;
  • identification of grape varieties based on the amelographic description;
  • information service trough the seminars, lectures on assortment of grapes, general issues of grape genetics and breeding;
  • conduct introductory tastings of perspective table grape sorts in terms of ripening and table wines from technical sorts of institution;
  • testing the varieties on different ages plantations;
  • implementation the initial and the original plant material of new varieties and clones of grape;
  • table: Arcadia, Flora, Kardishah, Persey, Zagadka, Kobzar, Original, Tair, Cometa, Odessa souvenir, Kishmish tairovsky, Augustine, Kodryanka, Dunav;
  • wine: Muscat Odessa, Zagrey, Rubin tairovsky, Aromatic, Yarilo, Odessa zhemchug, Charivny;
  • rootstock: Dobrinja, with great force of growth of shoots for modern strong growers table varieties;
  • clones of technical grape varieties: Aligote, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rkatsiteli, Rhine Riesling, Sauvignon green, Marseilles black early, Pinot noir, Fetească albă, Sukholimansky bily, Odessa chorny, Odessa Muscat, Gewürztraminer, Golubok;
  • clones of table grape: Vostorg, Hrochanka, Italy, Koroleva vinogradnikov, Muscat Hamburg, Muscat zhemchuzhny, Muscat jantarny, Odessa souvenir, Original, Smena, Lanka;
  • rootstock clones: Riparia x Rupestris 101-14, Berlandieri x Riparia Kober 5BB, Berlandieri x Riparia SO4, Berlandieri x Riparia Krechunel 2, Riparia Gloire, Chasselas x Berlandieri 41B.
  • study of the peculiarities…;

For details:

  • e-mail:
  • tel.: +38(098) 94-39-425, +38(048) 740-37-24
  • Kovaleva Irina, Head of Breeding, Genetics and Ampelography Department, Doctor., Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology