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National Scientific Centre «V.Ye. Tairov Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking» NAAS of Ukraine

National Scientific Centre «V.Ye. Tairov Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking» National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine is the leading research institution in the viticulture of Ukraine. Research activity has been started in 1905 from the creation of the first scientific research institute «The wine-making station of Russian grape grower and winemakers». The founder of the station was a prominent expert in viticulture and winemaking – Vasil Egorovich Tairov.

In 1931, the station was reorganized into Ukrainian research institute of viticulture and winemaking with net of supporting points. 1977-1985 – the Institute was a part of the scientific and production wine and grape propagation association of USSR Glavprodvinprom, and starting from 1990 Institute is as a part of Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences.

November 21, 2003 – for considerable achievements in comprehensive scientific research the institute was granted with the status of National Scientific Center.

At different periods Institute was headed of Tairov V. E., Gernet V. O., Borovikov G. A., Naumenko M. P., Kostyuk P. N., Kitaev I. O., Koval M. M., Litvynov P. I., Fylippov B. O., Gulchak A. B., Vlasov V. V.

The Institute and its net gave to Ukraine and the world such prominent scientist in viticulture as Serbinov I. L, Shumakov O. M., Melnik S. O., Korneichuk V. D., Mishurenko O. G., Zotov V. V., Negrul O. M., Plakida E. K., Shterenberh P. N, Podrazhansky O. L., Turiansky G. F., Cebriy M. P., Aivazian P. K., Komarova O. S., Herman Ya. B., Naumenko M. P., Nikiforova L. T., Lyannoy O. D., Ovchinnikov G. P., Dokuchaeva E. M., Tulayeva M.I., Sherer V. O., Shevchenko I. V. and others.

Today, the Institute carries out research in the following priority areas of viticulture and winemaking:

  • comprehensive ampelo-environmental surveys of the territories in order to identify the optimal areas for vineyards establishment, including for the wine production with geographical indication and denomination of origin; development and maintenance of vineyard cadaster;
  • research of genetic resources and molecular genetic polymorphism Vitis vinifera, improvement of assortment and increase of genetic potential of varieties and grape clones;
  • determination of directions of use of varieties and grape clones adapted for cultivation in the southern vineyards of Ukraine in order to improve the quality of wine production; regional study of wine varieties of grapes, clones and their introduction within the framework of the project «Clones of Europe»;
  • transfer of grape propagation to a certified basis, improvement of technologies for the reproduction of grapes and the biotechnological principles of certified grape propagation;
  • development and implementation of energy and resource-saving technologies for the management and protection of vineyards and nurseries;
    development and introduction of a new generation of machines for viticulture;
  • use of secondary raw materials of viticulture and winemaking for the production of biofuels and dietary supplements;
  • application of DNA technologies in the study of grapes, strains of wine yeasts of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and phytopathogens of grapes;
  • improving the technology of wine production from new varieties and grape clones;
  • scientific research in the field of ampelo- and enoterapia;
  • analysis of the viticulture and winemaking industry and its prospects, national and regional viticulture programs development.

As a result of scientific work of the Institute, over 130 varieties of table and wine grapevine were created, 112 clones of 52 varieties of grapes were obtained, ecological niches were allocated for obtaining high quality crops according to European standards. Thanks to scientists, the Institute has an ampelographic collection with more than 700 varieties of grapes with various genetic and geographical origin, as well as a unique hybrid fund, which includes more than 15,000 seedlings.

The methodology of a vineyards cadaster, a technology for the production of certified grape planting materials on a clone basis, introduced in the largest nurseries of Ukraine, and awarded with the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology in 2015, the conveyor of table grape varieties were developed by the Institute’s scientists and facilitated the industry development.

During the years of its existence, the scientists of the Institute received more than 150 certificates and patents for inventions and utility models, 43 patents for grape varieties and 20 certificates for the mark for goods and services, developed technologies for the production of 30 types of wines from grapes of their own breeding, which received a large number of gold, silver and bronze medals at international and all-Ukrainian wine tasting competitions.

The trade mark of the Institute “Tairov wines” was awarded with the International Quality Mark «Higher Test» (Kiev, 2004) of the Assembly of Businessmen of Ukraine by , the European Quality Label (Brussels, 2004), marks «100% Natural» (Kyiv, 2009) and “National traditions” (Kyiv, 2015) of the International image program «Leaders of the XXI Century».

The quality control laboratories at the Tairov Institute (regional laboratory of the quality control of winemaking products and laboratory for detecting GMO in food and vegetable raw materials) are accredited according to the international standard ISO 17025.

At the Institute, postgraduate studies are being conducted in the specialty 06.01.08 – viticulture, and since 2013 the doctoral degree has been opened for the same specialty. There is also a specialized academic council K 41.374.01 for defense of Ph.D. theses in the specialty 06.01.08 – viticulture. In 2016, the Institute was licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for conducting educational activities in the specialty 203 Horticulture and viticulture (specialization Viticulture).

The Institute publishes a specialized inter-departmental thematic scientific collection «Viticulture and winemaking» (agricultural sciences) and other scientific, and methodical literature.

Annually, the Institute holds the International Tairov Readings in honor of the memory of the Institute founder Vasyl Tairov; international, all-Ukrainian, regional scientific-practical conferences and seminars, round tables; excursions, tastings, visiting scientific and practical seminars, advanced training courses, workshops.

The Institute is interested in business partnership and is open to investment cooperation.